Masbate Gold restores coral reefs

By on February 5, 2018

Two major mining firms that comprise the Masbate Gold Project (MGP), have begun installing some 400 to 800 reef balls in a fishing and mining town in Masbate, in a bid to help regenerate new reef covers, the Philippine Star reported Jan. 23.

The coral reefs had been severely damaged by past destructive and illegal  fishing activities in the area.

MGP member-firms Filminera Resources Corp. and Phil. Gold Processing & Refining Corp. installed reef balls in Colorada Point in Barangay Tigbao, Aroroy, Masbate.

Recently, the Colorada Point was declared a marine protected area with MGP as its main driver.

A reef ball is an innovatively designed artificial reef with holes that create whirlpools around it. It is placed under water to restore ailing or destroyed coral reefs and to create new fishing and scuba diving sites.

The reef balls, used around the world, are made of a special, marine-friendly concrete and used to create habitats for fish as well as other marine and freshwater species. Reef balls are of varied sizes to best match the natural reef type.

Reef balls mimic nature and can be floated and towed behind boats of any size.

MGP has continued expanding the mangroves planting program to provide additional livelihood to the coastal community of Port Barrera.

The rehabilitation project is pursued by MGP in tandem with the US-based Reefball Foundation.


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