MatildaPlanet’s shelter solutions

By on June 19, 2018

MatildaPlanetTM is a specialist organization facilitating real-world shelter solution delivery.

Design alternatives and site adaptability are key drivers to our motivation in development and combined with our current product versatility we offer a significant differentiator to current market options.

MatildaPlanetTM provides shelter for a multitude of short and long-term applications ranging from military and commercial shelter applications, through to disaster relief accommodation.

Design and product versatility in the MatildaPlanetTM range offers solutions for FIFO accommodation suitable for a spectrum of climates as well as providing basic shelter for equipment and materials sensitive to the elements.

The resource and mining sector requires rigid-wall structures that rival the standards provided by the typical high cost, semi-permanent structures currently used for in-field crib huts and construction site offices.

With the ability to fit power outlets, air-conditioning units and basic level plumbing, the Matilda- PlanetTM product line is an alternative for cost effective shelter solutions that will meet and exceed the needs of user requirements.

In addition to the commercial application, the range of rigid-wall shelter designs provides ultimate protection and privacy to those affected and displaced through disaster and calamity.

At a time of extreme vulnerability, survivors of catastrophes are struck hardest by the realization of loss of dignity and possessions.

Shelter that provides security and an ember of hope is a tangible benefit for those in need.

The MatildaPlanetTM shelter systems are also modular and suitable to applications in medical and health, and community sanitation.

There is direct early stage benefit in situations of community rebuild after the impacts of the disaster.

Transportation of the shelters is a minimal cost as the product is flat packed and designed to stack in standard shipping containers.

Assembly of the shelters is deliberately simple and without the need for proprietary tools, or specialist construction experience or knowledge.

MatildaPlanetTM facilitates shelter solutions for protection from the elements, the restoration of dignity for the unfortunate victims of disaster and crisis experiencing distress and need, and user comfort and economical durability in a wide range of commercial applications.

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