Diwata women lead talk on mining and renewable energy at Mining Club

By on September 12, 2018

The Philippine Mining Club is proud to present for the Friday October 12th at the I’M Hotel (corner Makati Ave & Kalayaan Ave, Makati City) a discussion on “The Mining Industry & Renewable Energy.”

Diwata-Women in Resource Development, Inc. brings to the Philippine Mining Luncheon a panel of 3 eminent speakers on the interface of renewable energy with the mining industry.

Larry Asera, Executive Chairman, Sunray Power Inc. and Chairman/Founder, Green Tech Power Group, Michael Tetsuji Yamazoe, Country Manager, Sindicatum Renewable Energy will cover the following main topics: (1) Situationer on Renewable Energy; adoption by mining companies; (2) the business case for adopting Renewable Energy; and (3) Environment/Carbon Footprint Reduction. The panel will be moderated by Quintin Pastrana (President, WEnergy Power Pilipinas Inc.)

Mr. Larry Asera, Chairman, Sunrays. CEO, & Founder of the Asera Group’ lnc,

A US-based global environmental and energy Technology company. “Most recently, Mr. Asera is the founder of Sunray Power, Inc. a Philippine renewable energy company and the developer of the 100-MW solar farm at the New Clark City”. He is a former Balik Scientist and TOKTEN Fellow to the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines, Mr. Asera received the 2006 Philippine Presidential Award “Pamana ng Pilipino” for his lifetime achievements in academia, Business, and public service. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Sloan school of Management from the Massachusetts institute of Technology. A former Professor of Physics, Engineering and Technology at the California State University in the USA, Mr. Asera is a pioneer in the solar photovoltaic cell industry and an internationally recognized expert in the development of utility-scale renewable energy power facilities. The company’s innovative solar “eco-villages” and “wind farms” have garnered awards from the US Department of Energy, United Nations Development Program, and the US Agency for international Development.

Michael Tetsuji Yamazoe, Country Manager, Sindicatum Renewable Energy.

Michael Tetsuji Yamazoe, Country Manager, the Philippines Mr. Yamazoe is the Country Manager of the Company for the Philippines since 2016. Mr. Yamazoe joined Sindicatum in 2015 and has over 15 years of experience in consulting and business development, particularly in the development and growth of new business ventures. From 2005 to 2012, Mr. Yamazoe was involved in various consulting projects spanning a wide range of businesses including various startups and SMEs, with a key focus on markets in the Asia-Pacific region. He is currently responsible for the Company’s project and pipeline development in the Philippines, and leads the operations and project management of these developing projects. Mr. Yamazoe graduated with a Masters in Biotechnology from the Imperial College London and is also well-versed in Ulpan Akiva Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies.

Quintin V. Pastrana, President of WEnergy Power Pilipinas Inc.

Quintin brings with him 20 years of experience in the public and private sector, primarily focused on the energy and minerals sector. He spent 12 years in Chevron’s geothermal and upstream energy business, where he worked in both its IndoAsia Business Unit, and its international offices in Washington, D.C. and London focusing on Policy, Government, and Public Affairs. He completed his corporate career as Vice President of GoldFields Philippines and was a key member of its Australasia business unit’s expansion plans. Most recently, he served as anchor and producer of Bloomberg TV Philippines, focusing on critical business, financial markets, and governance news developments. Quintin hold degrees in Business, International Relations, and Literature from the universities of Georgetown, Cambridge, and Oxford, and has been named as the US-ASEAN Business Council’s rising stars, one of the top Philippine young leaders by the Asia Society, and most recently, a fellow at the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations. He is also the President of the award-winning Philippine Rowing Team.


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