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Metso Poly-Met™ mill lining - ready to take on
         any challenge

         That’s how we make the big dierence, the Metso Way.

         Every grinding mill is unique. They do however have one thing in
         common. They need to be operational. Liner changes need to happen
         quickly and safely. Every day we work to nd new and better ways to
         keep mills around the world up and running. Experience from over
         8,000 mills world-wide combined with the market’s widest range of
         grinding wear parts and services means we can select exactly the right
         solution for your mill.

         Metso Poly-Met™ is a true problem solver. The rubber in combination
         with steel oers low weight, easy maintenance, long and predictable
         wear life, as well as the elimination of cracking and pegging. This
         means more ecient grinding for you.

         What makes your grinding mill unique? Make sure you have the right
         parts for the job with Metso.

         Find out how Metso grinding wears and services can make the big
         dierence for your mill at

         Metso Asia Pacic Pte. Ltd., 238 B Thomson Road, #17 - 01 Novena Square Tower B, Singapore 307685
         Phone: +65 6511 1011 | Fax: +65 6250 0830 | Website:
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