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Issue 2 2018
                                                                                                     Issue 2 2018

                                                   Nuclear energy

              Philippine                           option — Is the


                   Mining, Petroleum          Philippines ready?
                    & Energy Journal
                     Issue 2 2018
                                             By Fernando Penarroyo              Previous    administrations  have
                Philippine Resources Journal
               is published independently for                                   contemplated  to  revive  the  nuclear
               executives in Philippine mining,   hilippine energy regulators  have  power option as a stable, carbon-free
                 petroleum and energy and
                associated business sectors.      taken a technology-neutral stand  energy source but the Fukushima Daiichi
                                             Pon possible solutions to the  nuclear plant incident in 2011 brought
             Publisher                       country’s growing demand  for energy.  concerns about the safety and integrity
             Elizabeth Galura
             Charismatic (WA) Pty Limited    Policy makers  are now seriously  of nuclear plants.
                                             considering nuclear energy as a possible
                                             alternative.                       Former Minister of Energy, Geronimo Z.
             Consulting Publisher
             Greg Brimble                                                       Velasco  believed  the BNPP  could  have
                                             There is a pending need for more energy  been the single biggest  achievement of
                                             sources especially with the depletion of  Marcos’ energy development plan but
             Colin Sandell-Hay               the Malampaya gas field and the country  the anti-Marcos opposition success-fully
                                             being relegated to third spot in the list  packaged this pioneering project as the
                                             of  the  world’s  biggest  producers  of  ultimate source of corruption.
             sales and Marketing
             Matt Brimble                    geothermal energy.
             +63 927 721 6622                                                   Velasco quoted BNPP’s  most prominent
                                             On the other hand, abundant and low-  opponent,  the  late Senator  Lorenzo  M.
             Kevin Lewis                     cost  natural  gas,  renewable energy  Tanada,  who  said  that  the  BNPP  was
                                             generation programs and the risk averse  a  “monument to corruption, greed,
                                             investment  climate  persisting  since the  and  folly.”  Ironically,  Velasco  remarked
             adMinistration                  global financial crisis in 2008, appear to  that  the icon of the anti-nuclear plant
             Cecilia Pamular
     be the main factors affecting investment  movement was the same man who, as a
                                             decisions for nuclear power projects.   senator in 1968, ensured the passage of    ALWAYS
                                                                                the very law that enabled the Philippine
             design/ProduCtion               However, climate change  and  green  government to venture into nuclear
             Elizabeth Galura
                                                                                which  supposedly involved Disini (the  INNOVATING
                                             house  gas  issues, air pollution, energy  power development.
                                             supply security, energy mix diversifica-
             Jimbo Owen Gulle                tion, and volatile fossil fuel prices, make  The most  powerful argument made
             Marcelle P. Villegas            it imperative for countries to develop or  by  anti-Marcos  activists  against  BNPP
             Maria Paula Tolentino
                                             reconsider their nu-clear development  was  that  it became  the  vehicle for  the
                                             policies. Economic and  market factors,  commitment of  massive corruption,
                                             environmental  goals, and  natural re-
             Patricia A.O. Bunye             source constraints  seem  to  be much  crony-broker),  Westinghouse  (the
             Fernando Penarroyo
                                             larger  drivers  of deployment decisions  favoured contractor), and Marcos.
             ___                             on nuclear energy.                                                                 A NEW GENERATION OF GREAT
                                                                                This issue has been thoroughly discussed
             Manila Publishing offiCe
             Unit 1515 , Tower 1             The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant  by Juan  Arturo Iluminado  Cagampang
             Cityland Condominium 10         (“BNPP”)  - the Great White  de Castro in his book Philippine Energy
             6815 Ayala Avenue North,
             Makati City 1226                Elephant                           Law (2012). In Chapter III. II. A  “Bataan     For 80 years Warman has been at the forefront of pump technology. The second
             Phone +632 7721375                                                 Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) - the US$2.1        generation WGR  is no exception. We’ve listened to what you need and innovated
                                             The 620-MW BNPP, the country’s first  Billion White Elephant” of his book,  De
             individual ContaCts                                                                                               to create a pump that works harder than ever. The replaceable impeller and liners
                                             attempt at nuclear-power development,  Castro cited numerous cases decided by     are manufactured using Linatex  premium rubber, a proven performer in the sand
             Greg Brimble                    was identified as a solution to the 1973  Philippine  and U.S. courts documenting
                                                                                        and aggregate market. Plus the streamlined slurry flow path reduces recirculation
                                             oil crisis.  The project did not push  the  corruption  involved  in the  project:   and energy consumption, making this the best pump we’ve ever designed for
             Manila: +63949 338 3664         through because of corruption scandals  Maceda vs. Macaraig, G.R. No. 88291 31    sand and aggregate sites. Visit to learn more.                  
                                             in-volving  its  commissioning  and  was  May  1991; Philippines vs. Westinghouse
             digital online edition          discontinued after the fall of the Marcos
                                             administration.                                  Continued on page 8 >
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